A 60-minute leadership workshop designed to build communication, empathy, and engagement within the student body through an action-learning environment.

Topics Covered

Student Engagement - Empathy Culture - Communication - School Vision 

Building Your Vision 

Jay is an expert facilitator of The Tallest Tower, workshop created to illustrate the importance of collaboration and communication. This 60-minute exercise will bring together students from various after school clubs like DECA, Student Council, Social Awareness, and any other students the school wishes to attend. The students will be placed in an Action-Learning environment and tasked with building the tallest structure possible with supplies provided by Jay.

After the time allotted to build the structure, students will be given an opportunity to look at how they communicate within a group structure and with themselves. The workshop is designed to open up a conversation around empathy, collaboration and inclusion, relating to the entire school and community.

The workshop concludes with the students creating a school vision statement rooted in compassion, inclusion, and social responsibility. 

Jay would love to work with your school or organization.