To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for Jay Goldman. I had the pleasure of meeting and experiencing Jay for quite a few months as a colleague through our association with Blueprint Seminar Group.

There is no finer man than Jay. He is personable, organized, and professional in his position as a speaker/presenter and seminar coordinator. He has the ability to engage anyone with sincere interest and genuine concern with his honesty and willingness to do whatever it takes to satisfy the audience’s needs. In addition, I have experienced Jay being open to coaching from the owners of the company, from his peers and he is the consummate team player. What stands out most about Jay is his integrity, loyalty, and high level of commitment to being of service.

In closing, if given the opportunity to hire or work with Jay, I’d highly recommend taking
it and adding a valuable asset to your organization or team. If you have any questions
or would like further information about Jay, please feel free to contact me.

Thomas G Haupt