To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you in high regards to Jay Goldman. I am the Chair Advisor of the Tidal WAVE Leadership Association at Pederson-Krag Center. Pederson-Krag is a not-for-profit mental health agency that serves Suffolk County families and communities who are struggling with mental health issues. The Pederson-Krag Center serves to advocate for, motivate, educate and provide support to this population. The Tidal WAVE Leadership Association is a leadership group held at the agency that is open to all teens involved in a Pederson-Krag program. WAVE – Work, Achievement, Values, and Education – serves to provide a safe and friendly space for these teens to shine. The Tidal WAVE Leadership Association engages in Advocacy, Career Education, Fundraising, Community Service, Recognition, Curriculum and Team Building, and Socialization. Since the Tidal WAVE Leadership Association is completely self-funded, Jay generously offered to appear at no cost.

The teens involved in this Leadership Association have been dealing with severe psychiatric, emotional and behavioral challenges. These teens have faced disappointments and obstacles in their lives that they are still trying to overcome. Some have dealt with the stigma of mental health from their communities and their schools their whole childhood. These teens are exceptional, strong, wonderful young individuals; Because of these challenges, they are sometimes harder to reach than an average teen. Within 2 minutes, Jay Goldman had the attention and respect from-every single teen present at his speech. It was as if Jay understood these teens and these teens understood Jay. From the tone of his voice, to the passion in his gestures, Jay was absolutely sensational. There were times when the audience was completely silent hanging on Jay’s every word, and then there were times we laughed with him, and times we cried with him. Jay told stories with heart that touched everyone in the room.

For a group of teens that demand respect and hard work in order to earn trust- Jay won them over fairly easily. Not only did Jay’s impact on these teens show on their faces – but the stories he told stayed with them long afterwards. The message of inspiration, strength and motivation will stay with them I am sure forever. Not only did Jay’s speech have a positive impact on the teens, but also the staff that attended

There’s something about Jay that is intrinsically motivating- a certain light in his eye and power in his step that tells you he was meant to be doing exactly this – inspiring people. Because of Jay the Tidal WAVE Leadership Association has implemented a new tradition – Random Acts of Kindness. It is now the goal and responsibility of every WAVE Associate and Staff Advisor to engage in random acts of kindness on a weekly basis in order to spread positivity and goodness in the community – and the world.

Jay’s impact will now live on forever with the Tidal WAVE Leadership Association. We were honored to have had the pleasure to see him in person.

I know that wherever Jay goes he changes lives. I am so grateful that he was so generous as to come here and change ours.
Lindsey Crecco BA, Case Manager – LINK Program
Chair Advisor of the Tidal WAVE Leadership Association