To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter in reference to a presentation made by Jay Goldman. Last year, Mr. Goldman was invited to speak to the Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps Youth Squad, an organization in which I am an advisor. The Youth Squad is made up of individuals ranging from fourteen to eighteen years of age. These young people meet once a month for a drill to learn about the techniques used in the emergency medical services. It was at one of these drills that Jay Goldman spoke.

Throughout the drill the members were focused on what he had to say. He tailored his program to not only meet the needs of what they might experience on an ambulance, but also gave them insight that would help in their everyday lives. Mr. Goldman showed a true passion and without a doubt motivated the crowd to want to learn more and become better people. He provided them with techniques that they could walk away with and use immediately. At the seminar, everyone had the opportunity to look at what they do on an everyday basis and try and make themselves better people in every aspect of their life. Jay Goldman also made the youngsters realize the importance of living a life of meaning.

As an advisor to the youth squad and a teacher for 17 years, the most interesting fact for me was that the members were still talking about Mr. Goldman’s speech for some time after. They found they could relate very well to his thoughts and experiences and they responded to his program in a very positive way.

If given the opportunity, I know Jay Goldman will provide any group with a wonderful, thought provoking program. He has an amazing ability to relate with today’ s youth and provide them with the inspiration and guidance that could change their life.

If you would like any additional information, please feel free to contact me at the address below.

Ed Nordstrom
Youth Squad Advisor