Dear Sir or Madam:

I trust that this message finds you enjoying your day. It is my pleasure to provide you with this recommendation for Jay Goldman

Jay possesses all of the skills that mark the most seasoned, proficient, and powerful speaker: the ability to authentically engage persons of any demographic and a compassionate spirt that informs his impeccable ethics. He has the uncommon ability to utilize the art of speaking to inspire audiences to live at their highest possibility, regardless of their lot in life. I’ve been in Jay’s presence formally and informally and always walk away feeling validated, inspired and motivated to contribute to the community.

I highly recommend Jay as a speaker. You will find him to be one of the most authentic, generous and honorable human beings you come to meet.

Should you wish to discuss this recommendation further, please do not hesitate to contact me at (631) 835-3989 or
Dawn E. Shedrick
LCSW-R / JenTex Training and Consulting