You never can tell how kindness will impact your day until it happens. Without getting into the drama, I was having a pretty crappy day. I walked into Chipotle to grab a burrito to go, and this was what transpired:

Woman behind the counter (Ariella): “What can I get you love?”

Me: “A Burrito to go please”

Ariella: “Sorry, fresh out, we started serving Chinese food.”

Me: <Laughing> “Well, I’ll take an order of Orange Chicken then!”

Ariella: “Coming right up!”

As Ariella made my burrito, she continued down the line asking if I wanted duck or soy sauce, an egg roll or fortune cookies. It may seem small, but the interaction completely shifted my day. The cashier, John, then got involved and said he couldn’t find the Orange Chicken button.

I shared how I was having a really bad day and that they cheered me up. John then grabbed a bag of chips and a drink and said, “Let’s make it a meal on us!”

Thank you Ariella and John for shifting my day. Your kindness will not be forgotten and I promise to pass it on. What a heartwarming experience.