December Kindness

A few weeks back a friend tagged me in a Facebook post about a random act of kindness holiday calendar for children. The calendar was designed for kids to take part in acts of kindness during the month of December. My friend was excited to have her soon-to-be three year old daughter (Hi Angelina!) participate and spread some cheer during the holiday season.

I fell in love with the idea and it got me thinking about how I was going to spend the last month of 2016. Rather than just make plans for all my (soon to be broken) resolutions, I decided to make my own December Kindness Calendar. It’s my small way of ending a division filled year with hope and humanity. Every day in December I’ll be taking part in the acts of kindness listed on the calendar below.

Some people dismiss small acts of kindness as naive, futile, or even self-serving. I stand firmly in the belief that no small act of compassion is ever wasted. That a single act of kindness can cause a chain reaction of love, reaching the highest walls of indifference and hate. Within us we hold a uniquely human responsibility, to treat and be treated with decency and care.

Feel free to use this calendar any way you see fit. Print it and hang it up, link it, post it, share it. I will be doing every one of the acts listed below and hope you’ll join me. Together we can create a little bit of kindness in a world desperately yearning for love.